Featured: Organic Soap Shops

Are you wondering where you can buy organic soaps all around the globe? Here is the list of the best organic soap shops!

Organic Soap Shops List

Lush – Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Lush to expand its high-tech 'Naked' store concept

Lush is an organic cosmetics retailer headquartered in the United Kingdom, using only vegetarian recipes, 85% of which are also vegan. While 100% of their products are vegetarian, they also do ethical buying, fight animal testing, produce handmade, and sell naked.

Between us, HONEY I WASHED THE KIDS is one of the best products ever they have.

The organic soap has the three main following ingredients: English honey, sweet orange honey, bergamot oil.

P.S. For Lush how-to videos and even some recipes, you can visit their YouTube channel here.

Little Soap Company

Little Soap Company | LinkedIn

Little Soap Company award-winning cruelty free, 100% organic soap company, based in the UK.

From this link, you can shop Little Soap Company’ award-winning organic soaps.


SAPO is a Vietnamese organic soap shop to bring nature back into our daily lives using traditional home-made recipes and methods. Their soaps are made of pure vegetable oils, butter, local plant extracts, organic edible ingredients, and pure essential oils, which provide powerful benefits.

Their Mint & Lime soap, as you see it picture above, is made with organic dried mint leaves infused in oil with antioxidant and antiseptic, cooling and healing benefits.

Simply Soaps

Simply Soaps is a UK based organic soap company guaranteeing of 100% natural and wholly organic products covers each and every ingredient used and the whole of the manufacturing process. Also, they can process both national and international orders.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Soap 100g: Amazon.co.uk: Beauty

The Body Shop has its headquarters in the United Kingdom and their story began with their founder, Anita Roddick, and her belief in that business could be a force for good. Since then, they are fighting for fair trade and forever against animal testing.

To learn more about cruelty-free vegan organic soaps, you can visit PETA’s website here.

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